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Starting a business in Dubai is exciting, but it requires adherence to specific regulations and getting vital permits and licenses. Among these, a low-cost trade license in Dubai is one of the fundamental requirements for conducting business activities legally in Dubai. At Future Dream, we understand the intricacies of the trade license process in Dubai, and we’re here to guide you through every step to ensure your business operates smoothly and legally.

A Dubai trade license is a legal document issued by the relevant government authorities in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, that permits an individual or entity to conduct specific business activities within the emirate. This license is a fundamental requirement for operating a business legally in Dubai and is essential to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.

Types of Trade License in Dubai

In Dubai, various types of licenses are available to accommodate different business activities and industries. The kind of license you require depends on the nature of your business. Here are the most typical kinds of trade licenses in Dubai – 

  1. Commercial License – This type of license is appropriate for businesses committed to trading activities. It allows you to buy, sell, and distribute goods. A commercial license in Dubai is typically issued to businesses involved in wholesale and retail trade.                                    
  2. Professional License – Professionals like doctors, engineers, consultants, lawyers, and artists demand a professional license. This license is designed for service-oriented businesses that provide specialized expertise. It is essential for individuals and firms to offer professional services.
  3. Industrial License – If your business involves manufacturing or industrial activities, you’ll need an industrial license. It covers businesses that produce goods or engage in industrial processes. This type of license is suitable for factories and manufacturing units.
  4. Tourism License – Businesses functioning in the tourism and travel sector, including travel agencies, tour operators, and hotels, require a tourism license. This low cost trade license in UAE allows you to offer services related to the tourism industry.

What documents do you need for a Trade License in Dubai

To obtain a trade license or a general trading license in Dubai, you’ll need to provide several documents, including.

  • Application Form – Complete the trade license application form accurately, specifying the type of license you require.
  • Business Plan – Submit a well-formed business plan drafting your company’s objectives, activities, and financial projections.
  • Passport Copies – Submit passport copies of the business owner(s) and shareholders, including visa copies for non-GCC nationals.
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) – If you are establishing your business in a free zone, you may need an NOC from the respective free zone authority.
  • Tenancy Agreement – Provide a copy of your tenancy agreement for your business premises.
  • Trade Name Reservation Certificate – Ensure you have a valid trade name reservation certificate, indicating your chosen business name.
  • Approvals and Permits – Relying on your business activity, you may demand extra approvals or permits from relevant government departments.

How much does it cost to Get a Trade License in Dubai?

The cost of obtaining a trade license in Dubai varies based on a number of factors, comprising the kind of license, business activity, and location. Each free zone may have its fee structure, while the cost of a mainland trade license is determined by the Department of Economic Development (DED). Fees may also include application fees, license issuance fees, and other associated costs.

How long will it take to have a trade license approved

The timeline for the approval of a trade license in Dubai can differ based on several factors, including the kind of business activity, the location of your business, and the completeness of your application. Here is a general overview of the expected timelines for license approval in different scenarios.

  1. Free Zone Business – If you are setting up your business in one of Dubai’s many free zones, the approval process is typically faster compared to mainland businesses. In some cases, you can expect to receive your trade license within 2 to 5 working days, provided that all required documents are in order.
  2. Mainland Business – Establishing a business on the mainland may take a bit longer due to additional approvals and processes. In general, the approval timeline for a mainland trade license can range from 7 to 21 working days, depending on the type of business and the issuing authority (e.g., the Department of Economic Development in Dubai).
  3. Completeness of Documentation – The accuracy and completeness of your documentation play a significant role in the approval timeline. Any disparities or lost documents can drive delays in the processing of your UAE trade license.
  4. Type of Business Activity – Certain business activities may demand extra approvals or permits from regulatory authorities, which can extend the approval timeline. These activities may include healthcare, education, financial services, and more.
  5. Location and Jurisdiction – The specific jurisdiction or free zone where you select to set your business can impact the approval timeline. Some free zones are known for faster processing times than others.

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