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Starting and operating a business in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, offers immense opportunities, but it also involves navigating complex legal and administrative procedures. The country stands out as a highly attractive destination for foreign investors, offering a unique combination of features that make it an ideal choice for establishing businesses. Nevertheless, the procedure of establishing a business in the UAE involves several intricate legal steps and administrative procedures. This is where PRO (Public Relations Officer) services come into play, and Future Dream is here to be your trusted partner in simplifying the best PRO services in Dubai.

For entrepreneurs who have recently launched their businesses, time is of the essence. This is particularly true when considering establishing a business in the UAE. Every moment counts, and wasting precious time navigating the complexities of government offices to complete essential paperwork can be a significant setback. It’s at this juncture that PRO services become a lifeline.

How much does it cost to renew a trade license in Dubai?

When it comes to the trade license renewal Dubai, it’s essential to consider the associated costs. The range for business license renewal typically falls between AED 8,000 to AED 13,000. However, it’s important to note that the exact renewal cost can differ based on different aspects, including the type of business license you hold and the specific jurisdiction within Dubai.a

To ensure that you effectively manage the business license renewal process and minimize associated costs, it’s highly advisable to seek guidance from Dubai’s premier business setup advisors. By partnering with RSFMLLC, you gain access to expert insights and strategies aimed at optimizing the renewal procedure. This ensures that you not only meet all legal requirements but also do so in a cost-efficient manner, allowing you to continue your business operations seamlessly.

Documents required for the trade license renewal in Dubai

The detailed documents needed for trade license renewal in Dubai may differ based on the kind of business and the jurisdiction. However, here is a general list of common documents often needed for the trade license renewal process. 

  1. Original Trade License – Provide the original copy of your existing trade license.
  2. Passport Copies – Submit copies of the passports of all business partners or stakeholders.
  3. Emirates ID Copies – Include copies of the Emirates ID cards of all partners or shareholders.
  4. Tenancy Contract – Provide a copy of the tenancy contract for your business premises. The contract should be valid and up to date.
  5. Ejari Certificate – If your business is located in Dubai, you may need to submit an Ejari certificate, which verifies the authenticity of your tenancy contract.
  6. Bank Statement – Some authorities may request a bank statement as evidence of your financial stability. Ensure the statement covers the necessary period leading up to the renewal.

The process for getting trade license renewal in Dubai

The process for trade license renewal Dubai typically involves several steps. It’s vital to begin the renewal procedure well in advance of your license’s expiration date to avoid any disturbances to your business functions.

Start by reviewing the expiry date of your trade license. It’s essential to begin the renewal process well before this date to confirm a seamless transition.

Collect all the needed documents for trade license renewal. These documents may include your original trade license, passport copies, Emirates ID copies, tenancy contract, bank statements, and any other documents prescribed by the relevant authority.

Obtain the trade license renewal Dubai application form from the Department of Economic Development (DED) or the relevant free zone authority. Complete the form with accurate information and ensure it is signed by the authorized signatory.

Pay the trade license renewal fees as per the fee structure applicable to your business type and jurisdiction. The cost can usually be completed online or at specified payment centers.

The authority will review your application and documents for accuracy and completeness. They may also conduct background checks or inspections if required.


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License Renewals

Ensuring the timely renewal of your business license is essential to maintaining compliance and uninterrupted operations in Dubai. However, managing the license renewal process can be a time-consuming and complicated task. That’s where RSFMLLC comes in, offering comprehensive license renewal services to simplify the process and help you focus on your core business activities.

As a trusted partner in business setup and support services, RSFMLLC understands the importance of timely license renewals. Our team of experts is well-versed in the local regulations and procedures, ensuring that your license renewal is carried out efficiently and in compliance with the relevant authorities.

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